Will all claims be electronically filed?

Almost all claims are filed electronically, maximizing your insurance claim reimbursements in the shortest possible time. Paper claims are submitted to smaller carriers, which either do not accept electronic claims, or require non-electronic attachments.

Can you only contract with practices in your area?

No. With today's technology, any practice in the country can enjoy the services we provide. Source documents can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to our office for processing. If your practice is located nearby, we’d be happy to make routine pickups.

Is Cole Medical HIPAA 5010 compliant?

Yes! CMI has been sending claims in 5010 format since the beginning of December, 2011. The intimate relationship we share with our software vendor ensured the transition from 4010 to 5010 went smoothly and had absolutely no impact on our clients receivables..

Do I have to purchase software or equipment?

No. CMI is responsible for the entire infrastructure necessary to process your claims from start to finish. Your office can continue to operate much as it did before, except without the hassle of claims and billing.

How can we get our information to you for billing?

We can receive information via fax, US mail, e-mail, or we can arrange pick-up if in a local area.

Do you specialize in my type of claims?

CMI handles many different solo and group physician practices. Our staff’s experience is unrivaled in the areas of anesthesia, pain management, and many other specialties.

How will Cole Medical improve your cash flow?

We challenge all rejected claims and vastly reduce your accounts receivable. Overhead expenses, which are associated with insurance billing (salaries, vacations, training, turnover, computer hardware and software, and office space), are virtually eliminated! Many of our clients have seen substantial savings in the area of 60% or more.

What is the average time it takes to receive reimbursement?

The average time to collect on a claim submitted electronically is between 14 and 21 days.

How often are my claims processed?

Within 24 hours of receiving your source documents, claims are processed and sent to the appropriate carrier(s).

Contact us with any questions you have: info@colemedical.com

Reasons for Outsourcing

  • 1. Recover valuable staff time
  • 2. Consistent service and cash flow
  • 3. Increase your revenue
  • 4. Reduce rejected insurance claims
  • 5. Get your money faster

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