Cole Medical offers physicians and their practices a complete medical billing solution. Our business was established to provide medical billing services for medical practitioners who have a private practice, but don’t have or don’t want to have the administrative infrastructure to manage the billing process themselves. Our many years of anesthesia billing experience have forged a solid business platform designed to support your entire business operation, regardless of your specialty. We provide a solid structure from which your practice can experience controlled growth through efficient management. By handling your billing process, we free both you and your staff from the time consuming and often frustrating job of claim filing and billing, leaving you free to concentrate on patient care. Our highly trained and motivated team of professionals utilizes the very latest technology to expedite and amplify your reimbursements.

HIPAA Compliance Statement

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has dramatically impacted the way healthcare organizations approach medical billing. We have studied the regulations, and understand HIPAA as it applies to the relationship between your patients, your office, insurance carriers, and billing policies. We are legally responsible to our clients to obey HIPAA regulations. By adopting a best practices approach to privacy and security, we earn the confidence of our clients. Our software is fully HIPAA compliant. All of our data sent electronically is completely encrypted and concealed. Additionally, each of our staff members is regularly trained on rules and regulations relating to HIPAA and Red Flag Compliance.

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